California Parkinson's Support Network

a resource directory for California Parkinson's patients, families, & caregivers

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The California Parkinson's Support Network ( was launched in September 2015 to provide a web-based directory of resources for Parkinson's patients in California and their families and caregivers.  The site contains links to Parkinson's organizations, medical care and therapy providers, support groups, upcoming events and more.  

The website is maintained by Parkinson's advocate, Sue Buff, of Sunnyvale, CA, on a volunteer basis. 


"For providers trying to coordinate care for patients in California, there has never been a resource like the California Parkinson's Support Network. It has assisted us in directing patients towards resources specific to their region, and empowers patients in their search for the most cutting edge therapies, and where these can be accessed. We are so grateful that this website has helped link both providers and patient advocacy groups in northern and southern California, as it has allowed for interchange of new ideas among like-minded organizations. Thank you for making this available for our patients and for us as providers!" 
- Dr. Sarah Kempe-Mehl, neurologist and movement disorders specialist

Central Coast Movement Disorders Specialists, Santa Barbara, CA


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