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Support Groups in Northern California

Regional organizations with support group listings:

​​Stanford Parkinson's Community Outreach (APDA Information & Referral Center) - Support Groups

(listing of about 100 support groups throughout Northern and Central California)

​​Parkinson Association of Northern California (PANC) - Support Groups (listing of over 30 support groups in the Sacramento region)

Parkinson Network of Mt. Diablo - Support Groups

(Contra Costa/Alameda counties)

PD Active - Support Groups  (Berkeley/Oakland region)

EASE PD - Support Group in Santa Cruz County

The Monterey Parkinson's Support Group

Greater Fresno Parkinson's Support Group

Central Valley Parkinson's Support Group

For tips on starting and running a support group, the Parkinson's Disease Foundation provides this helpful document.

Support groups in California

Support groups provide an opportunity for patients, families and caregivers to share experiences and resource information in a friendly and confidential setting.  There are about 100 support groups in Northern California and over 100 in Southern California.  The majority of groups are open to patients, families and caregivers.  Some are for patients-only or caregivers-only and some have a special focus on the DBS patient community or young-onset PD community. 

Parkinson's patients, families and caregivers are welcome to attend a support group in their area.  Meeting locations, dates and times may change, so please contact a support group's coordinator to confirm meeting details before attending the first time.

The map below displays cities throughout Northern California where PD support groups can be found. 

Group details (location, date/time, and contact information) can be found via the Northern CA support group links above.

California poppy

a resource directory for California Parkinson's patients, families, & caregivers

California Parkinson's Support Network